Trying to push the limits of my various setups, I stuffed 11lbs of gear and 11lbs of food & water into a 25L pack for an overnight trip on Mt. Baldy via Ice House Canyon trail. This is the same gear that I’ve used year-round in different conditions. Total distance was 30 miles with over 10,700′ of elevation gain.

Mt. Baldy Gear List:


2 thoughts on “Summit camping with a 25L pack

  1. Hi Jimmy, I saw in one of your videos, either San Bernardino Peak, San Gorgonio Peak, or San Jacinto, (I was binge watching your channel) where you were wearing soft Gators. I really like those, can you tell me about them?


    1. Hi JR. Nice to connect with a viewer. Those gaiters are the Outdoor Research Sparkplug. They work fine and are very breathable but watch out for the sizing – even the smallest size is a little loose around my average ankles.


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